How To Stay Healthy @ UOW

Student health a priority at UOW

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle whilst at university can be difficult. Some suggest the ‘Freshman 15’ phenomenon is a worrying trend throughout Australian universities, with excessive alcohol consumption, late night McDonald’s ventures and unusual sleeping patterns affecting student health. Maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle at university is important, as it can impact students’ productivity, standard of work, and overall well-being.

UOW offers a number of services and facilities to help students maintain a healthy lifestyle. Students can access the University Recreation and Aquatic Centre (URAC) to maintain their fitness, keep active, and improve their overall health and well-being. URAC offers students a fully equipped gymnasium, a number of health and fitness programs, social campus sports such as indoor soccer, and an Aquatic Centre, which students can use competitively, or for leisure.

URAC offers a variety of group exercise programs, including RPM classes. Group exercise programs are held throughout the day, and are well suited to fit into students timetables. Photo by: Jess Glover

Jaime Hart, a URAC manager says that participation in URAC initiatives and facilities is highly beneficial for students. “Exercising is an effective stress reliever, and a great way for students to meet new people,” she said. “Students need some time away from their studies, and keeping active is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle.”

Dimity Scardanas, a third year arts student has been using URAC since she began university in 2009, impressed by its facilities, membership prices and convenient location. “I got involved in URAC to improve my fitness and reduce stress,” she said. “Because URAC is on campus I can go to the gym between classes, which is convenient.”

As well as a fully equipped gym, URAC offers a Member Benefits Program. Students can receive great discounts at local businesses including Boost Juice Wollongong, Mobile Activewear and Ibis Wollongong. Photo by: Jess Glover

In addition, URAC also offers physiotherapy, massage therapy, and nutrition and dietetics services for students through Phytness Health Care. Students can also maintain their general health and well-being by using the UOW Campus Health service, which provides students and staff regular access to an on campus doctor, dentist and optometrist. This is a convenient service for international and inter-state students who have moved to Wollongong to study and do not have access to their local doctor.

On Sept. 21, UOW students gathered on the duck-pond lawn to watch the final of the ‘UOW Fittest Student’ competition. It is a URAC sponsored initiative to promote active and healthy student lifestyles. Congratulations to Jessie Hernandez and David Mabon who were named UOW Fittest Female and Male Students for 2011. Video by: Jess Glover


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As a third year UOW student, I hope to shed some light on different aspects of university life to help new students make the most of their UOW experience.
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