How To Manage Stress @ UOW

Sometimes it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Effective stress management is crucial. Photo by: Jess Glover

Stress management key to student success

The stress of university can often be overwhelming. A report indicates university students are experiencing increasing stress, with more than half of the surveyed students reporting mild to very high levels of psychological distress, including depression and anxiety.

UOW offers a number of services to assist students manage stress whilst studying. Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are a service offered by UOW that can help students better understand their course content, and achieve significantly higher grades as a result.

Ajay D’Souze, a PASS leader and third year commerce student says improving students’ understanding of course content can lower student stress. “PASS provides a group learning experience, where students are able to interact with and learn from each other,” he said. “PASS leaders are past students of particular subjects, so it enables current students an opportunity to seek guidance and get assistance with issues that might otherwise be very stressful for them.”

Elise Bedwell, a second year commerce student and PASS participant says the key to stress management at university is being organised. “It’s really important to keep on top of everything and don’t leave things until the last minute,” she said. “It’s also good to utilize the resources available to you, like speaking to lecturers during consultation times.”

UOW Learning Development offers academic resources to help students, including tips on report and essay writing. Photo by: Jess Glover

Other resources available to students at UOW to help manage stress include Start Smart, and Learning Development, which offers services such as academic skills workshopsonline study resources and information on effective academic writing. Students can also access free and confidential counselling services to help with stress management. Counselling Services can help with personal and study related issues that affect students stress levels such as adjustments in living situations.

Julie Allan, a UOW counsellor says counselling services aim to improve students stress management and coping skills, and encourage students to adopt a balanced lifestyle. “The best way to manage stress whilst studying is to strike a balance between study, sleep, good nutrition and leisure,” she said.

Students take a break from their studies and relax on the duck-pond lawn. Relaxation is an important factor in managing stress. Photo by: Jess Glover


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As a third year UOW student, I hope to shed some light on different aspects of university life to help new students make the most of their UOW experience.
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