How To Broaden Your Horizons @ UOW

Opportunities for global experiences at UOW 

UOW recognizes the importance of cultural awareness as a key graduate quality, and offers a range of opportunities for students to expand their horizons and become global citizens. With campuses located internationally in Dubai, and partnerships with universities throughout the world, UOW truly is a global university.

UOW promotes cultural awareness among students by encouraging participation in the UOW International Exchange Program. Students can study abroad at over 140 partner universities located globally in destinations such as Belgium, Japan and Macedonia, and can receive financial assistance to help cover program costs.

Ashley Tanks, manager of UOW Study Abroad Exchange says that over 200 UOW students participate in the exchange program every year. “The most popular locations students chose to go on exchange to are English speaking countries such as the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom,” she said. “But exotic locations such as Mexico are becoming increasingly more popular among students who want to learn a second language whilst on exchange.”

Tanks says that participating in exchange programs gives students’ a global outlook on life and may boost their employability. “Participating in exchange programs adds an international dimension to students’ resumes,” she said. “It can give participating students an advantage over peers when applying for jobs after graduation.”

UOW also fosters cultural diversity and global awareness through extensive language programs offered on campus. The UOW Language Centre recognizes that proficiency in more than one language is a key asset in an increasingly globalized society, and offers studies in a wide range of Asian and European languages including French, Spanish and Mandarin.

Cate Eman, a graduating arts student says studying French helped her gain an appreciation for a culture other than her own. “It helped me to communicate with locals when I traveled through Europe this year,” she said. “Being multi-lingual is such an important skill to have nowadays.”

Students at UOW can broaden their horizons without even leaving the university campus. The 2011 Global Highway festival was held Aug. 25 on campus to celebrate the cultural diversity of students living at UOW. Participants could experience traditional food, music and cultural activities of 23 different countries. Video by: Jess Glover


About jgloveruow

As a third year UOW student, I hope to shed some light on different aspects of university life to help new students make the most of their UOW experience.
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