How To Be A Green Student @ UOW

UOW embraces green thinking

Over a quarter of students surveyed in the 2008 Student Experience Survey considered the physical environment of the UOW campus, which has several natural bushland areas and is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, as the best aspect of their UOW experience. Photo by: Jess Glover

As a signatory to the International Talloires Declaration, UOW encourages ‘green thinking’ by students, promoting environmental awareness and sustainability on campus.

The UOW Environmental & Sustainable Initiatives Unit (ESI) seeks to improve waste management and promote water and energy sustainability on campus. The recent ‘Turn Over a New Leaf’ campaign builds on the ESI motto of Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, by urging students to think innovatively and be environmentally friendly.

This year, ESI promoted environmentally friendly initiatives such as One SightNational Tree Day, and Green Life Photography. Coffee drinkers could contribute to sustainability on campus by getting on board the One Less Cup campaign. And Gen-Y tech savvy students could properly dispose of unused electronic devices by participating in an e-waste Cleanup.

Avoid the headache of minimal car parking on campus by riding to uni. Bike parking is made easy with bike racks on campus sufficient for 800 bicycles. Photo by: Jess Glover

Annie Moon-Arkell, a third year arts student was involved in the e-waste collection that was held on campus in September. “I had so many old phones and iPods that I didn’t use anymore,” she said. “The e-waste Cleanup is a convenient way to get rid of them in an environmentally friendly way.”

UOW also encourages students to choose environmentally friendly transportation options. Incentives such as free parking are offered to students who carpool, and public transport such as  free shuttle buses are available to students traveling to and from the UOW campus.

On Oct. 12, UOW hosted ‘Ride to Uni Day‘, which encouraged staff and students to embrace green thinking and ditch four wheels in favour of two. Participants were rewarded with free breakfast, complimentary bike engraving and bike maintenance, competitions and prizes on the McKinnon Lawn at the UOW campus. Will Stedman, a first year psychology student talks about why he got involved in the Ride2UOW initiative in the video below. [Video by: Jess Glover]


About jgloveruow

As a third year UOW student, I hope to shed some light on different aspects of university life to help new students make the most of their UOW experience.
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